Welcome to RIC

RIC (Regent’s International College) is a further education college in Bangkok, Thailand offering students a range of courses including Hospitality:
RIC is also the first institute in Thailand to be approved by Pearson Edexcel, the UK’s largest awarding body to offer the BTEC(Business and Technical Education Council) qualifications. BTEC courses are currently offered in:

In Hospitality Management, Regents International College offers following courses:
a) BTEC Level 4 (1-year certificate in Hospitality)
(The UK Higher National Certificate – HNC)

b) BTEC Level 5 (2-years’ diploma in Hospitality Management)
(The UK Higher National Diploma – HND)

c) BTEC Level 4 & 5 (3-years’ degree programme)
(2-years HND with final year top up with UK University in Thailand or UK)

d) BTEC LEVEL 3 (6 & 12 months Internship & study UK certificate programme)
(For people with Hospitality Management qualifications or some years of
work experience)

e) RIC Diploma in Hospitality Management (Course duration – 2 years)
(For students with minimum grade 10 qualification)

Pls note: ‘2+1 Degree programme’. On completion of the BTEC HND at RIC,students can progress onto the final year of an undergraduate degree course at a UK university or the third year of a degree course at any other international university accepting the HND.

Tuition Fees without any Scholarships


ECs have been part of the mainstream educational field for over 25 years offering skills and knowledge to learners from all ages and abilities around the world. Through Regent’s it is now also available in Thailand. BTEC qualifications provide a practical, real-world approach to learning without sacrificing any essential theory. Students can get those skills required to either move onto higher education or enter into work environment.


The BTEC Level 3 Hospitality course will enable students to acquire knowledge to work in the hospitality sector. The course has been designed on a more applied learning focus by adding internship to it. Experience Certificate after Internship from globally renowned well-known Hospitality Brands enables students to be better-rounded and learn better. The BTEC Level-3 Certificate is a very popular globally well-known programme. The students will be provided 24/7 support from RIC for internship.

Entry requirements:

  • Minimum age , 17 years and 6 months
  • Graduated IB diploma, A-Level, GED or Grade 10 equivalent
  • Able to study abroad
  • Passed RIC’s admission tests
  • Progression after BTEC Level 3:
    BTEC Level 4 (HNC) and BTEC Level 5 (HND)

    BTEC (LEVEL 4 & 5)

    What are BTEC Level 5s?
    The BTEC Level 4 Higher National Certificate (HNC) and Level 5 Higher National Diplomas (HND) are widely recognized by international universities and professional bodies. After a period of two years’ study, students often progress to the final year of degree programmes in the UK or the 3rd year of other overseas destinations. Learners who successfully complete a BTEC Higher National Diploma might decide to use it as a starting point for working towards professional membership or studying for entry to their specialist professional body. They could also opt to take a degree top-up year to achieve a full degree.

    Subjects offered at Regents International College:
    1. Business Studies
    2. Hospitality Management
    3. Retail Management

    Entry requirements:

  • Minimum age , 17 years and 6 months
  • Graduated IB diploma, A-Level, GED or equivalent
  • Able to study abroad
  • Passed RIC’s admission tests
    Progression after BTEC Level 5:
    Entry into final year(s) of a bachelor’s degree programme.

    The Main Ingredients of studying BTEC at RIC

    What do RIC offer over other institutions and why could a BTEC be the right option for you?

    1. A practical approach to study
    RIC through its BTEC courses offers a practical approach that can inspire learners of all ages and abilities to pursue an internationally recognized qualification by integrating real-life situations and activities with theories. Students undertake units for which they have to present evidence of their understating based on work and study.

    2. Appropriate and continuous assessment
    Exams work well for some students but not for others, RIC students taking BTEC do not take exams. When studying for BTEC at Regent’s, progress is measured throughout the course; this allows students to measure their own performance on a continuing basis. By doing so, students are more motivated and engaged. For many learners, the BTEC route with all work assessed through the year is a better option than having many final exams at a short period of the year.

    3. Small size classes and focus on individual needs.
    RIC believes in providing high quality service to its learners. To achieve this, all learners are encouraged to work to their best ability through activities and projects. RIC’s teachers are truly international and professional. They are always available for tutoring and overcoming obstacle. Small size classes are adopted in order to give personal attention and focus to each and all the students.

    4. Regent’s students’ work on projects, videos, posters and other activities on a daily basis, and this gives exceptional opportunities to gain the skills needed to get into work life.

    5. Fitting study around other things

    6. BTECs are flexible. They can be studied full or part time, alongside other qualifications or work commitments.

    7. Rewarding effort
    At RIC students will have to meet deadlines set by the teachers and tutors, but work can be done at home or at the college; this is a more flexible way than having to work against time constraints to complete exams. Teachers and tutors monitor progresses providing support and guidance individually.

    8. Keeping your options opened
    BTECs are a great way to instil a real world and practical approach to learning. They can offer a student a full progression route; right through to a Level 5 Higher National, which in turn opens the door to entry onto an undergraduate degree. Having successfully completed a Higher National Diploma at RIC, our students can apply to the third and final year of many British universities.

    9. Staying up to date
    BTECs are constantly being developed and updated in response to the skills and demands of the employer. This approach ensures that learners gain maximum benefit from their work and that BTECs stay up to date.

    Some of the International Universities welcoming BTEC Hospitality HND’s Achieving a Higher National Diploma with RIC opens international doors and opportunities to many overseas universities for progression studies. Below are just some of the UK universities that accept entry with a BTEC HND qualification*.
    (*Acceptance onto a UK University programme is at the discretion of the individual university).