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RIC (Regent’s International College) is a further education college in Bangkok, Thailand offering students a range of courses including Hospitality:
RIC is also the first institute in Thailand to be approved by Pearson Edexcel, the UK’s largest awarding body to offer the BTEC(Business and Technical Education Council) qualifications. BTEC courses are currently offered in:

In Hospitality Management, Regents International College offers following courses:
a) BTEC Level 4 (1-year certificate in Hospitality)
(The UK Higher National Certificate – HNC)


b) BTEC Level 5 (2-years’ diploma in Hospitality Management)
(The UK Higher National Diploma – HND)

c) BTEC Level 4 & 5 (3-years’ degree programme)
(2-years HND with final year top up with UK University in Thailand or UK)

d) BTEC LEVEL 3 (6 & 12 months Internship & study UK certificate programme)
(For people with Hospitality Management qualifications or some years of
work experience)

e) RIC Diploma in Hospitality Management (Course duration – 2 years)
(For students with minimum grade 10 qualification)

Pls note: ‘2+1 Degree programme’. On completion of the BTEC HND at RIC,students can progress onto the final year of an undergraduate degree course at a UK university or the third year of a degree course at any other international university accepting the HND.



Tuition Fees without any Scholarships






ECs have been part of the mainstream educational field for over 25 years offering skills and knowledge to learners from all ages and abilities around the world. Through Regent’s it is now also available in Thailand. BTEC qualifications provide a practical, real-world approach to learning without sacrificing any essential theory. Students can get those skills required to either move onto higher education or enter into work environment.




The BTEC Level 3 Hospitality course will enable students to acquire knowledge to work in the hospitality sector. The course has been designed on a more applied learning focus by adding internship to it. Experience Certificate after Internship from globally renowned well-known Hospitality Brands enables students to be better-rounded and learn better. The BTEC Level-3 Certificate is a very popular globally well-known programme. The students will be provided 24/7 support from RIC for internship.


Entry requirements:

  • Minimum age , 17 years and 6 months
  • Graduated IB diploma, A-Level, GED or Grade 10 equivalent
  • Able to study abroad
  • Passed RIC’s admission tests

Progression after BTEC Level 3:
BTEC Level 4 (HNC) and BTEC Level 5 (HND)

BTEC (LEVEL 4 & 5)

What are BTEC Level 5s?
The BTEC Level 4 Higher National Certificate (HNC) and Level 5 Higher National Diplomas (HND) are widely recognized by international universities and professional bodies. After a period of two years’ study, students often progress to the final year of degree programmes in the UK or the 3rd year of other overseas destinations. Learners who successfully complete a BTEC Higher National Diploma might decide to use it as a starting point for working towards professional membership or studying for entry to their specialist professional body. They could also opt to take a degree top-up year to achieve a full degree.
Entry requirements:

  • Minimum age , 17 years and 6 months
  • Graduated IB diploma, A-Level, GED or equivalent
  • Able to study abroad
  • Passed RIC’s admission tests

Progression after BTEC Level 5:
Entry into final year(s) of a bachelor’s degree programme.





BTEC Hospitality


This qualification will equip students with commercial acumen, understanding and hospitality skills for success in a diverse range of roles in food and beverage; accommodation; events; and contract catering services in hospitality. The purpose of BTEC Higher Nationals in Hospitality Management is to develop students as professional, self-reflecting individuals able to meet the demands of employers in Hospitality Management and adapt to a constantly changing world.


Careers after a BTEC Higher National in Business

Some typical jobs after completing the HNC* Some typical jobs after completing the HND*
Assistant Kitchen Manager, Head Chef/Cook, Head of Waiting Staff, Head Barman, Restaurant Assistant Manager, food and Beverage Assistant Manager, Front Office Manager, Head of Housekeeping, Assistant General Manager, Group revenue Manager, Assistant Coffee Shop Manager, Events Manager, Events Coordinator, Assistant Product Manager. Senior Chef, Head Chef, Sous Chef, Special Events Manager, Conference and Banqueting Manager, Events Project Manager, Bar/Pub Manager, Restaurant Manager, food and Beverage Manager, front of House Manager, Hotel Manager, Resort Manager, Hotel Operations Manager, revenue and Sales Manager, Product and Sales Manager, Sales and Marketing Manager, Sales Development Manager, Hospitality Customer relationships Manager.

**These are suggestions of the typical job roles related to this qualification at this level. Pearson does not guarantee employment upon completion, and you will have a responsibility to make sure that you meet the employer’s requirements.

Unit NumberUnit nameLevelDurationContact HoursAssessmentsUnit Specifics and Textbooks/material,
Unit 1:The Contemporary Hospitality Industry410 Weeks64 Hrs2 x Written assignments2018 – P. 87
Unit 2:Managing the Customer experience410 Weeks64 Hrs.2x Written assignments2018 – P. 95
Unit 3:Professional Identity and practice410 weeks64 Hrs.2x Written assignments2018 – P. 102
Unit 4:The Hospitality Business Toolkit410 weeks64 Hrs.2x Written assignments2018 – P. 110
Unit 5 :Leadership and Management for Service Industry410 weeks64 Hrs.2x Written assignments2018 – P. 118
Unit 7 :Managing Accommodation Services410 weeks64 Hrs.2x Written assignments2018 – P. 135
Unit 8 :Managing conference and Event410 weeks64 Hrs.2x Written assignments2018 – P. 144
Unit 15:Hospitality Marketing Essentials410 Weeks64 Hrs2 x Written assignments2018 – P. 201
Unit 18 :Research Project520 weeks128 Hrs1 Research Paper – 8000 Words2018 – P. 222
Unit 19:Hospitality Consumer Behaviour and Insight510 weeks64 Hours2 x Written Assignments2018 – P. 230
Unit 27 :Front office operations management510 weeks64 Hours2 x Written Assignments2018 – P. 291
Unit 34 :Hospitality Brand Management510 Weeks64 Hours2 x Written Assignments2018 – P. 343
Unit 29Managing event and paining520 weeks128 Hrs2x Writing assignments included set up the event2018 – P. 306
Unit 44:Strategic human Resource Management510 Weeks64 Hrs2 x Written assignments2018 – P. 410