Boarding @ RIC

Boarding is an intrinsic part of RIC and offers many options. Whichever one you choose, boarding life still is, without doubt, enormous fun and provides numerous opportunities for personal growth and challenge.  We have a growing boarding community and our team of dedicated boarding staff ensure that each and every one of them are happy and well looked after.

We believe that boarding with us helps students to develop confidence, character and independence, which over time results in a more mature and open minded individual.

In addition to developing their own characters, after just a short period of time in our boarding community, students gain:

  • A sense of and respect for community living.
  • A passion for excellence.
  • An understanding of a need for balance in mind, body and spirit.

Our enviable position of being a boarding institution in Bangkok ensures a diverse range of weekend activities, from shopping, theatre and cinema visits to sport, charitable projects and cultural trips. There is something for everyone!

Campus residents can enjoy a range of activities from swimming, baking, gym, zumba etc.

Regent’s boarding facilities is housed on a separate campus to the school and therefore provides a spacious and beautiful environment with 1st class boarding accommodation, swimming pool, football pitch, large dining hall and common rooms.

Boarding accommodation can be shared or single with a maximum of 3 in a room. Each house is equipped with wireless connection facilities.

We provide 24 hours on site security with finger scan security to access the boarding houses.


  1. In a unique residential campus environment students are immersed in the camaraderie of common experience, friendship, trust and honesty.

  2. Across the board, boarding school students participate in more extracurricular activities than other students, whether it’s exercising and playing sports, engaging in music and drama or club activities.​

  3. With set prep times and the opportunity to have help with their studies from teaching staff who are on duty, students are prepared for the academic challenges ahead of them.​